About Us

Sebastián Sánchez is an exclusive Colombian brand dedicated to the luxury leather goods market.

Our goal is to provide essence and comfort without compromising the elegance of the classical woman.

We are not a fashion brand. We do not create based on trends or seasonal obsolescence. We create for people with desires of uniqueness, of the different, with the highest quality standards.


Our unique silhouettes, textures and colors are inspired by the history of the main cities of the world, by their legacy and contribution to the aesthetic and creative.

Furthermore, together with the uniqueness of nature itself, we are driven to create a new element that will provide beauty with a mixture of emotions that cannot be replicated.


Our manufacturing process is carried out by specialized hands. Stitch by stitch, the process is carried out by people with years of experience in the field. The result, the highest quality standards combined with the unique character of each of our products.


All our raw materials come from certified suppliers in Colombia and the world, offering the best skins in the industry.

It should be noted that all our skins come from suppliers with breeding and repopulation programs.

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