We at Sebastián Sánchez are aware that our planet needs to be cared for in order to
continue conserving it as we know it and preparing it for future generations. That is why all our raw materials are secondary products of animal crops and invasive species control.

It is a species that lives from North Carolina to south Texas.
Its high protein meat is used for human consumption and its blood for medical studies.
Its skin is used in leather goods avoiding its decomposition and environment

Since the state of Florida (USA) does not have any natural predator, and the python has brought several native species to the brink of extinction, the control of this invasive species is carried out.

It is a species currently bred in high temperature areas of South America.
Despite being red meat, it is low in fat and uric acid, being beneficial for human consumption.
Its oil is a high demand element in alternative medicine, leaving its skin for leather goods production.

Currently, due to high consumption, the main objective of raising these animals is their meat, leaving their skin as a waste that is commonly used worldwide for leather goods, thus preventing discarded skin from decomposing, generating leachates toxic to the

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